Why I’m Running (2017)

(The below is from 2017. You can view my platform in my 2018 race for state representative here.)

I will be representing the Libertarian Party for offices in Lower Nazareth Township and for School Director of Nazareth Area School District in the November 7th, 2017 election. I am running mostly since I object to ever-increasing local property and income taxes. Those who cannot afford or pay their taxes should not have their home and property seized by armed bureaucrats. I can be reached at jaketowne AT gmail.com or via Facebook.

I am a candidate for:

  1. School Director, Nazareth Area School District Region II (There are 2 open positions, I am running with my wife, Jane Horvath, to represent the Libertarian Party.)
  2. Township Supervisor, Lower Nazareth Township (There are 2 open positions.)
  3. Township Auditor, 6-year term, Lower Nazareth Township
  4. Township Auditor, 4-year term, Lower Nazareth Township
  5. Judge of Elections, Lower Nazareth Township

Education: Nazareth Area High School, 1998; B.S. Chemical Engineering, Lehigh University, 2002; Economics, Mises University, 2009

Current Occupation: Technical Research Manager, Crayola

Qualifications for Office: Engineer, 13 years; township & school district resident, 27 years; school district student, 13 years, salutorian; Board member, Crayola Employees’ Federal Credit Union, 4 years, Secretary 3 years; Judge of Elections, Bethlehem Township, 4 years; independent Congressional candidate, 2009-2010.

What do you view as the major issue in this campaign and how will you address it?

SCHOOL BOARD – No tax should enable the government to seize your home, and school property taxes are outrageously high. Many that lose their homes do not even have children enrolled. I would favor radically cutting costs and enabling more choices for parents such as homeschooling, expanded cyber schooling, and the ‘unschooling’ method. I support ending standardized testing and freeing teachers to teach more effectively. A parent of two preschoolers, I seek to protect their love for learning. I would attempt to ban the seizure of homes whose owners cannot afford or do not pay the school property tax. I would support a rebate or reduction of tax for those who homeschool or have no child enrolled since they effectively are saving the school district money. Ideally only residents receiving services from the school district would pay for services from the school district.

TOWNSHIP SUPERVISOR – I favor eliminating the residential property tax as I believe no tax should have the power to leave a family homeless. I favor cutting costs until this is achieved, including attempts to raise money for police, fire, and road services by voluntary means. I oppose current practices like donating taxpayer money to charity. I would defend private property rights. I favor upgrading traffic lights to reduce congestion at the Newburg Inn and Hanoverville/Route 191 intersections provided the funds are raised by voluntary means. I would attempt to ban the seizure of homes that cannot afford or do not pay the township’s property tax.

TOWNSHIP AUDITOR – If elected, I will fulfill the duties described in 1933 Act 69.

JUDGE OF ELECTIONS – If elected, I will carry out the duties of this office. I am already trained and well-qualified since I was elected and served as Judge of Elections in Bethlehem Township 1-2 from 2013-2017.

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