Past Lower Nazareth Township Auditor Reports (2014-2016)

Solely to provide the annual township audit under Section 917 of the second class township code 1933 Act 69, the Board of Supervisors may replace the elected Board of Auditors with an accounting firm under the certain conditions listed in the code. Lower Nazareth Township has utilized an accounting firm since at least 2014.

Since the annual township audits are not provided on the township website, I requested the last 3 completed audits from the township. Since they are public documents, I am making them available to the public by clicking the links below and presenting them without further comment for now. You can reach me publicly using the comment fields or privately by the contact form below with any questions and I will do my best to answer them. You can follow me on Facebook here.

2016 Lower Nazareth Township Audit Report

2015 Lower Nazareth Township Audit Report

2014 Lower Nazareth Township Audit Report

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