Donald Trump Will Lose the 2020 Primary

“I like taking the guns early… take the guns first, go through due process second.”– Donald Trump, February 2018

Trump will lose the 2020 primary with that statement or at least again exposes the fact he either has not read the Constitution or chooses, like the rest of the Republocrats, to flatly ignore it. The Constitution is exceptionally clear between the 1st and 10th amendments that the federal government has no power to infringe on the right to bear arms, and that this is reserved to the 50 states and their constitutions and laws.

Why is it the first solution the media clamors for is for the federal government to strip millions of law-abiding citizens of their firearms? Nevermind this is practically impossible – it will do nothing to prevent criminals from still using firearms or other means – trucks, knives, IEDs – to accomplish their evil acts. What if stringent gun controls are already in place, and the public doesn’t know it?

Why isn’t heat instead put on local school districts to simply stop disarming teachers to conceal carry (costing nothing!) and putting in place security the locality desires? Many schools districts spend around $20,000/year per student so if it were a priority, school district governments certainly have the funding! Besides, what if there are fewer school shootings today than there were in the 1990s? Plus, is it any wonder that gun-free zones are where these mostly-medicated sickos go to act out their sick fantasies? They are refuges where they have little chance of being immediately shot – and let’s not forget that in the latest shooting, the first police responding waited outside while the shooter escaped, went to Wal-Mart, Subway, and McDonald’s before being arrested.

It should not be strange that many Republocrat politicians want to take away the means for citizens to defend themselves. Their natural inclination is to keep their “monopoly on violence” (as former President Barack Obama aptly defines government below) to THEMSELVES.

You can abandon the Republocrats by registering Libertarian online for free in Pennsylvania from this link.

Suggested further reading:

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