League of Women Voters Survey

Please see below for a copy to the survey the League of Women Voters published here for the 138th legislative district in Pennsylvania. You can view my stances on many other issues here.

Notably absent from the survey is the incumbent career politician who has issues with the League of Women Voters, possibly because they helped destroy her plans and votes to gerrymander the Lehigh Valley into little fiefdoms to strongly favor Republican control of the state legislature. However, this is conjecture on my part as you would have to find and ask her to find out as she is avoiding all debates per the Morning Call’s Bill White.

Biographical Information
Municipality: Lower Nazareth Township
County: Northampton
Twitter: @jaketowne
Education: Nazareth High, 1998; B.S. Chemical Engineering, Lehigh, 2002; Economics, Mises University, 2009
Qualifications: District resident, 31 years. Engineer, 14 years. Currently Lower Nazareth Township Auditor. Bethlehem Township Judge of Elections, 4 years. Independent Congressional Candidate, 18 months. Board member, Crayola Employees Credit Union, 5 years.

What are your top three priorities in office? (All survey questions had word limits)

1) Abolish property taxes. Governments have no right to confiscate your home if you can’t pay ever-increasing taxes. In effect, Pennsylvanians pay rent to the State for shelter – directly if they are a homeowner and indirectly through the landlord if they rent. You can never truly own your home if you have to pay rent on it. 2) Abolish the state personal income tax. YOUR income from YOUR labor should belong to YOU and no one else, especially the government, has the right to steal it from you. 3) Universal charity or public use tax deduction. Rather than have your tax dollars legally plundered and used to finance the whims of the Republocrats, you can at least specify a charity or other public use for all your tax dollars to go towards instead. Do you see good brought to your local area by United Way? A local road repair crew? Direct the money the State plundered from you into what enriches your life. End the state monopoly on education. End the war on drugs.

Do you support reforming our congressional and legislative redistricting process to implement an independent citizen’s redistricting commission? Why or why not?

Yes. The Republocrats are corrupt and have and will use redistricting to restrict voter input in violation of the state constitution. An independent commission would be less corruptible. Voters should not trust any Republocrat politician; even the well-meaning are corrupted by their party bosses. For decades, the Republocrats have gerrymandered Pennsylvania like a toddler carving their first jack-o’-lantern. With a disconnected electorate, incumbents secure their re-election and are even more likely to vote for unpopular actions since there will be no consequences at the ballot box. The task of representing a gerrymandered district is difficult, but this is never a true concern for the Republocrats. Career politicians never really have residents’ best interests at heart; they are too busy protecting their own power like feudal overlords. Their party machines rig elections with tactics such as gerrymandering and absurd ballot access restrictions to discourage competition.

Which voting modernization reforms (such as no-excuse absentee voting, early voting, same day voter registration, additional funding for voting technology upgrades) would you support to ensure that our elections are accessible, efficient, and secure?

Since 1970 there have been approximately 4,332 opportunities for an independent or third party to win a seat in the PA state legislature. NEVER has any independent or third party won. This is because the voting process is rigged with rules to perpetuate and enthrone the Republocrats’ rule.** I would remove taxpayer funding for the Republocrats’ primaries since minor parties are effectively banned by the laws the Republocrats themselves passed to maintain their stranglehold on the electorate. I would change ballot access laws so the Republocrats have to follow the same rules to access the general election ballot, and make it easier for all candidates to get access. I have no issues with no-excuse absentee voting, early voting, or same day voter registration. Moving the election to a weekend or over several days and instant run-off elections would increase voter participation and voter choice. Many of these initiatives should be on a ballot for voters to decide on; not career politicians.

Read about my other stances on issues here.

** 14% of those registered to vote are third party or independent and would be much higher if Pennsylvania were not a closed primary state. Since 30% of the voting age population is not registered to vote, this means close to half the population is not Republocrat.

Vote Libertarian this November 6th. Read the Libertarian Party’s statement of principles here. Don’t waste any votes for a Republocrat- more war, more debt, more taxes, and less freedom is what they plan to inflict.

I posted a humorous YouTube below that illustrates the choices in reality that voters have; Republicans certainly have never delivered a smaller government, and Democrats are just as much in the pocket of the military-industrial complex and their party bosses as the Republicans are.

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