The #1 Reason to Vote Libertarian

The #1 reason to vote Libertarian is the two-headed one-party system controls one of the world’s two Doomsday Machines and must be stopped. This Doomsday Machine is capable of eradicating life as we know it on earth through a nuclear winter where thermonuclear weapons themselves could wipe out many hundreds of millions, and the resulting debris would block the sun enough to lead to massive obliteration of all human and most animal and plant life.

Though the Cold War is long over, the Republocrats have no interest in dismantling this Doomsday Machine even though it would mean their deaths as well; in other words, they are either mad or hopelessly ignorant and stupid. They could ensure mankind’s survival by dismantling the Doomsday Machine, but instead it is a non-issue, rarely if ever mentioned by the media. Any sane person would remove enough hydrogen bombs from the arsenal to avoid nuclear winter.

To learn more, listen here to a Scott Horton podcast with the author of The Doomsday Machine, Daniel Ellsberg. For the younger generation, Ellsberg is the Edward Snowden of the 1970s who leaked the Pentagon Papers which helped end to finally end the Vietnam War. The Pentagon Papers demonstrated that President Lyndon B. Johnson’s administration was well aware that the war was unwinnable and they systemically lied about this to the American people and Congress.

The Republocrats and their war machine can go to hell. Register as a Libertarian online for free in Pennsylvania and vote Libertarian wherever Libertarians overcame unfair ballot access rules this fall to give you a chance to vote for your freedom, the freedom of the individual, over the collectivist War State.

Read my thoughts on the Afghanistan War and Iraq War.


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"Once again we hear them calling for war!
It doesn't matter what they're fighting for!
They light the match and watch the whole world burst into flame!
The story's always the same!
So tell me people are you ready to kill?
Behold the propaganda get your fill!
A distant enemy is threatening our freedom again!
How much would you like to spend?
Millions are falling in line!
It's just a matter of time!
Endless destruction will ensure their pockets are lined for all time.
No more defending the lies behind the never ending war!
It's time to make them realize we will no longer be their whore. No More!
They don't care about the blood on their hands!
Look at the world and you will understand!
They count the money as the innocent continue to bleed!
They're always planting the seed!
So tell me people are you ready to die?
Without believing in the reason why?
They paint a picture and the whole damn world is deceived!
It's all that they ever need!
Millions keep falling in line!
It's only a matter of time!
Sowing destruction will make sure their pockets are lined for all time!
No more defending the lies behind the never ending war!
It's time to make them realize we will no longer be their whore.
No More! No More!
No it can't be disguised anymore!
How they smile as we pay for their war!
No more defending the lies behind the never ending war!
It's time to make them realize we will no longer be their whore." - Disturbed, "No More," October 2018



  1. I used to think you had a good idea. But Libertarian candidates always end up being potheads or free speech haters.

    Right now, all your doing is helping the party that would be more limiting of libertarian values.

    Stop killing the lesser of two evils until you can find a way to win i.e., keep the weirdos like Gary Johnson off the stage.

    • Dear Clem – What exactly do you mean “you had a good idea?” I think it is a good idea to be free rather than taxed heavily, or have the funds taken from me to build doomsday machines that could destroy all of humanity several times over. I am an elected Libertarian and am neither a pothead nor a free speech hater – in fact, the opposite.
      I can’t even tell which party you think “would be more limiting of libertarian values” at this point so can’t comment there.
      And yes, Gary Johnson is a bit of a weirdo, point taken. 🙂

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