Lower Nazareth Township Auditor Reorganization Meeting Minutes (2019)

As called out in 1933 Act 69 Section 901 (a), the Lower Nazareth Board of Auditors met at the municipal building on January 8, 2019. This was my second meeting in as many years as township auditor, and the PDF of the minutes is here or below. No meetings have been held since the 2018 meeting since there is no initiative from the other auditors. The meeting minutes are listed below as the auditor reorganization meeting minutes are not available at the township website.

My commentary is that I since think there are some topics worthy of investigation by the Board of Auditors and no action was taken last year, I nominated myself for Chair, as this gives the authority to call a meeting. However, I was unsuccessful. It is highly likely the next meeting will be 2020’s reorganization meeting.

For the hourly rate for supervisors working on the roads, I informed the other auditors that I had inquired with the township did not utilize any supervisors as road workers in 2018 and indeed much longer than that, and road laborers are paid $15.00 to $28.85 with the road foreman receiving an hourly rate of $30.74. I suggest a rate of $15.00 per hour and if needed we could reconvene if some special circumstances developed.

Lastly, I relayed that in the second class township code there is no mention of pay for merely attending the reorganization meeting and the section which governs the compensation for auditors clearly highlights that auditors are only paid $10 per hour when performing actual auditing. Unfortunately, my effort to save the taxpayers some funds – $20 per meeting but $40 per auditor as the reorganization meeting has been viewed as two meetings in the past (the second meeting to approve the minutes.) Keep in mind this is only for about 15 minutes of time. Regis Jarlot and I both declined the pay.

Below is the text of the minutes. Link to PDF.


The Board of Auditors held a duly advertised reorganization meeting in the Township Municipal Building on Tuesday, January 8, 2019.

Present were:
Marc Suhr - Auditor, Tammi Dravecz Secretary, Board of SupervisorsJake Towne - Auditor, Regis Flaherty - Auditor

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Suhr at 8:00am.

Mr. Towne made a motion to appoint Mr. Towne [as Chairman]. There was no second.

Mr. Flaherty made a motion to appoint Mr. Suhr as Chairman. Flaherty and Suhr voted in favor. Towne was against. Motion carried 2-1.

Mr. Towne made a motion to appoint Mr. Flaherty as Secretary. The motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Mr. Suhr and seconded by Mr. Flaherty to set the hourly rate for Supervisors working on the roads at $23.18. Flaherty and Suhr voted in favor. Towne was against. Motion carried 2-1.

Mr. Towne made a motion to waive the reorganization payment since the Second Class Township code indicated that auditors are only to receive pay when performing auditing duties. There was no second. Mr. Towne and Mr. Flaherty waived their payment for attending today's meeting.

Motion by Mr. Suhr and seconded by Mr. Flaherty to approve the minutes from the 2019 reorganization meeting. The vote carried unanimously.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:14am by Mr. Suhr, seconded by Mr. Towne. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Regis Flaherty (signed)
Lower Nazareth Township Board of Auditors

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