Suing the Easton Police for Body Camera Footage

I am ringing in the New Year by suing the Easton Police for denying access to their body camera footage while they were in our home in October 2021 and harassing my partner, Jane Horvath. They inexcusably chose to make her the aggressor in a ‘domestic disturbance’ rather than proceeding forward as my own mental health issue (an autistic meltdown due to outside stressors) or a medical emergency due to her normal human fear response to inhumane circumstances. Her goal as my wife has always been to help me get healthy rather than retaliate against me.

As I am writing this, I have the clarity I lacked that night. I have to do all I can to make things right. The first step is to call out publicly the City of Easton Police Department for their mishandling of the incident, and their refusal to correct their mistakes or extend an apology for the additional stress their visit caused.

For more details, please read the attached lawsuit PDF for more information, which was filed last week against the City of Easton Police Department for their repeated denied access to the body camera footage.

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