The Lower Nazareth Township Board of Auditors is comprised of three individuals who are elected by the residents for staggered six year terms. The duties of the elected auditors are spelled out in the code governing townships of the second class. The primary duties and functions of the Board of Auditors include:

  • Acting as a fiscal watchdog for the citizens of the township
  • Auditing, settling, and adjusting the accounts of all elected or appointed officials who received or disbursed funds during the immediate preceding calendar year
  • Setting salaries for supervisors who are employed by the township
  • Auditing records of the local district justice, if deemed appropriate
  • Filing the annual report for the township, unless the Board of Supervisors contracts an outside accounting firm per the code. (Nevertheless, in some townships auditors work together very closely with the township staff to insure that all township funds are properly expended and accounted for.)
  • Hearing cases involving financial loss to the township as caused by any elected or appointed official, who have acted in a violation of law or beyond the scope of their office

In November 2017, I ran as a Libertarian for a 6-year term through December 31, 2023 as township auditor in Lower Nazareth township. I also appeared on the 2017 ballot for township supervisor, school director, and judge of elections to represent a Libertarian choice alongside Jane Horvath, who ran for school director as well.

Since no one else was on the ballot, I won the election for auditor with 285 votes, and also won judge of election. (You can view official municipal and county election results here.) Under county and municipal elections code, one person can appear on the ballot for multiple offices, but cannot hold both of these particular offices. I accepted the township auditor position since I want to serve locally and learn more about how the tax money the local government forcibly removes from my family is spent.

My plank consisted of a single sentence – “If elected, I will fulfill the duties described in 1933 Act 69.” The duties of the township auditor are mostly listed in Section IX.

Unfortunately, my efforts to learn about township finances and activities was stymied by the township government, which you can read about in “Township Obstructs Auditor Access to Records” and summarized in “Commentary on the Auditor Position to the Lower Nazareth Board of Supervisors.” After moving a few miles to Easton, I was no longer residing in the township and although I could have remained as an auditor, Lower Nazareth’s government probably had enough of me with my requests to see documents so they filed a court action to remove me. I decided to resign on Independence Day, 2019, to save taxpayer money.

I believe governments should be fully transparent and accountable to the public. You can contact me at jaketowne AT protonmail DOT com, on Facebook here, or use the contact form here. I may not have the answer but will do my best in responding. Below are some posts that I wrote while I was auditor.

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In April 2019, the Board of Supervisors began their effort to remove me from office, and I resigned on Independence Day rather than waste taxpayer money in court. You can learn more from the links below, with the most recent posts first.

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